Coming Home Films Inc.


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Our Films

Coming Home Films' productions are in distribution worldwide through Filmwest Associates.

Our titles include:

She Makes Mountain Calls. In Nepal with Dr. Joan Ford

A Man Called Bob. In Guatemala with Dr. Bob Carkner

The Road to Bansi. In India with Jean Buchan

Ratanak's Legacy. In Cambodia with Brian McConaghy

After the Hurricane. In Honduras with Graem Nelson and Marion Boyd

Dreams of Childhood. In Vietnam with Kimmy Le

Chickadee: Spirit of the Kootenays. In Nicaragua with Eric Blackburn

Marie's Story. In Cambodia with Marie Ens

Sounds of Sunshine. In Uganda with Dr. Irwin Stewart


And for younger audiences:

Colts to Vietnam

Anita's Africa

Vy's Vietnam




Currently in production...

The Boat. A story of courage, strength and the will to win. (Summer, 2016)